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Introducing the new formula

Hello all,

As you may have noticed recently the site was less updated.
I was very taken by my student life and now that the holidays are here, I take the time to write to you.

There are some days (weeks ?) I made the decision stop PokoraNews.com as I enter the workforce in September and I did not want to rush items.

BUT ! Turnaround ! Someone (which recognize) convinced me not to close the site. Indeed, PN means a lot to me and apparently many other people also. I spent a lot of time and energy to just leave like that while a busy year Matt arrives to !

The holiday are there to take time for yourself, rest and come back stronger. So I write this to mark a pause and introduce the new formula for PN which will start in late August (early September).

First of all, I love the last design that allows me to put in a (in the slide) the Facts of the moment (OÔRA, DALS, New clip…). That is why I chose to keep it but change a few colors !

The agenda also has a new layout ⇒ AGENDA

The site will be updated more that’once a week ! This allows me to combine the website and my professional life at the same time. All Sundays so you can find an item or items containing all the The most important information for the topicality M Pokora. A newsletter was put in place to warn you of the publication of these new items ! Do not hesitate to sign up ! ⇒ NEWSLETTER

You can also find the surprises and proprietary information !!! Stay tuned lots of new things will be announced after the holidays ;)

I wish you happy holidays and we found the end of August !

Updated the gallery

I added in the gallery the last shots Instagram, two photos taken during the photoshoot In Pursuit Of Happiness Las Vegas. I also put a dozen photos of the last performance of Robin Hood Orleans and finally I added the first photo officielle Matt Pokora as a judge in season 5 of Dancing With The Stars.

Robin Hood on DVD and Blu-Ray from the 03 November


The official website of the show Robin Hood ad today :

“Following the huge success of "Robin Hood, Never give up ", Robin Hood Productions, Parlophone and Côté Diffusion invite you to discover the musical of the year in preview, few weeks before the DVD release, during a special broadcast and simultaneously in nearly 200 cinemas.
Robin Hood, it is more 200 representations through France, and 800 000 spectators. The diffusion film is an opportunity to discover or rediscover this major success in terms of image and its optimal.
Recorded at Christmas at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, this show the film you will experience intense emotions… un show grandiose où se mêlent chant, dance and artistic performances, all in a spectacular setting !
On stage, 350 costumes, 45 artists 37 dancers multiply acrobatics intense rhythm of pop music and colorful.
More, here => http://www.robindesboisaucinema.com/

The show will also be available from the 3 November on DVD CD and Blu-ray CD !

Source : Robin Hood

Merci Matt C.

Robin Hood in Movies

For several days we know that the show Robin Hood will be released in cinemas of France, Belgium and Switzerland through tweets CôtéDiffusion.

Today we know date :

Robin Hood will be broadcast in cinemas participants 10, 11 and 12 October ! Info & booking robindesboisaucinema.com

There are sessions 20:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 11:00 !

The list of rooms here

Small gift : Check out the OFFICIAL TRAILER


The seats are priced at 17,60 EUROS in plein toll or 12,50 euros in Tarif réduit (student…)

Merci Matt C. for information ;)

Interview l’Union + Photos After Epernay

Epernay is one of the last dates of the tour. What is your assessment of what was "the biggest challenge of your career" as you said at the beginning of tour ?

It is true that it was a big challenge for me. Physical first with learning to do stunts, à me balader à 15 meters high. I had never done that and I'm not a daredevil at the base. It was a real work to do on myself. And then after, it was also a challenge in the sense of linking 207 the same time show. It's a bit what I feared. It has nothing to do with getting 207 times the same concert as a concert, every night is different, you can talk to people. There can not. We must rely on text and history, the same that we should tell every night. That was also the challenge. In the end, I'm super glad I did.

What were the strongest moments ?

Decidedly, the first performance. There was a huge accumulation of stress during the preparation. We were really far from ready, if only three days before the first ... The opening night, quand on a terminé le show, there was a strong feeling of having successful and have switched the machine. I would keep the first and then the last probably. Emotion, I think the last one is still a cut above.

The fact of living and herd you liked ?

Au-delà December waterfalls, physical performance, what pleased me in this adventure of Robin Hood, this is indeed the human aspect. I am someone who has always loved to share with his teams. On my tours, there is already much. This therefore made me not afraid to have an adventure like this with so many people.

What image did you have of the character Robin Hood before interpreting ?

It was first movie Kevin Costner. Ensuite BO Brian Adams, more recently the movie with Russell Crowe and then all cartoons. All references that I had were really positive. The character, the values ​​it like me : humility, the fact to fight for others ... he is a unifying.

You've invested a lot in the project, it was deliberate ?

From the outset, when I am engaged, One of the conditions was to validate all those who would work on the project that is the director, through choreographers, singers, dancers. I wanted to manage the project as if it was one of my tours.

Your character has he changed over the representations ?

Of course the show has changed dramatically since the first. Indeed, if I could reshoot the DVD, I would now. When did, it was in 60 shows. Today, we is not far from 200 representations. The difference relative to the start ? When I go on stage, I no longer need to play the character, make the effort to get into it. I am the person. This is one of the advantages of doing the same show several times.

Are there not also the risk of a certain weariness ?

Necessarily. Today, this is especially the show itself motivates us but the fact of being together on stage, to find a different audience every night.

The end of the tour will be an opportunity to refine your next album expected in the fall ... What will be the color ?

I will come back when the album's first single in September. Willingly, I do not communicate on respect for Robin Hood. All in good time. For the time being, I prefer to stay focus on what I'm doing here, do well and then we'll see.

Also referred to you as a new member of the jury of Dancing with the Stars, this is confirmed ?

Not. It's still a rumor. If I listened to rumors, I would do lots of things ... Today, I am Robin Hood a few weeks and then after, I go on vacation !


Source : The Union


Photos of Matt Pokora The Alegra (51) the 14 June 2014 RDB after the show in Epernay (93 photos sur 8 pages) :




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