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All the latest on Oora

There are now 2 weeks, M Pokora et Cache Cache unveiled the new collection “Spring-Summer” the mark “OÔRA by M Pokora“.

You were likely to fall for parts of the spring collection !

Last week, Matt spent a full day promote Oora. Find below all videos d’interviews :

Meet M.Pokora, Robin fashion by cosmopolitan

Le making of :

Find the entire collection on


All photos this day are on our gallery :

Shooting officiel :


Download your wallpaper by clicking Oora HERE

Thank you to the vendors Cache-Cache Pornic (44) for their kindness !

Une Nuit à Makala III – Photos and Videos

The 31 March last, Matt Pokora, Nyco Lilliu, Antony Costa and Caroline were on the scene Zenith Lille concert “Makala à une Nuit“. For the 3rd consecutive year, Rio Mavuba singers gathered his friends, Footballers, facilitators for a concert whose funds are donated to the association “Les Orphelins the Makala”.

Below find two videos :


Over 80 photos our gallery :

All the latest on Rio 2

There are nearly a week went out in theaters the film “River 2” wherein M Pokora lends his voice to a parrot named “Roberto“. Find below all the latest data about this cartoon that made the best start since the beginning of cinema.

Interview TéléStar “I aspire to make films”

Photos :

Temporary cessation

Hello all,

you may have noticed, website and social networks less frequently updated. I write this to warn you that for the time, the site is temporarily down because I am in the process of passing examinations (and more particularly the contest Professor Schools). I 4 oral and so I prefer to put all the odds in my favor by giving you a little for my revisions ^ ^

Maybe you do not know it all but I only manage this site for over 2 years so when I am unable to do, no one can replace me.

As soon as I finished my tests I will make a Article summary with the latest important information : RIO 2, OÔRA, Album 6, Robin Hood, videos where it appears…. and updating the gallery. You will be familiar with most things that I recapitulate but this is my way “catch up;)

Pending, you can find me in the Twitter PokoraNews (I tweeterai quickly if important information point the tip of their nose !)

So we end up from 09 April (RIO output 2 :p) for mountain pokoriennes information ^ ^

And m*rde those who also pass tests, examinations, partial, contest :)

Discover the new collection exclusively Oora !

The new collection “Spring-Summer” OÔRA the mark by M Pokora luck le 07 Next April and we had time for a few visual !

Today, I suggest you discover almost all this new collection !!!!

The Spring-Summer Oora 2014 we literally into a world at once tropical & jungle. A collection that is more, balance between exotic colors & Animal print. (PaperBlog)

Program : leggings, sweet, longshoreman, sac, jewelry there even velvet heels and pretty printed heel.

Discover new photos du shooting Official with M Pokora ultra class !

Click below to access December visuels items (18) of the Spring-Summer collection (there are no photos of accessories such as jewelry or bags) :

What do you think ?

EDIT : 18h40

The site MadmoiZelle.com unveiled other pieces of the collection and also gives us some price :

1) Robe bustier (39,99€), 2) printed cover (19,99€), 3) perfecto rouge (49,99€), 4) jupe a denim neige (29,99€), 5) printed canvas tennis (35,99€), 6) robe and denim (39,99€), 7) collier tressé (12,99€), 8) slim a denim neige (39,99€), 9) high waisted skirt with zips (25,99€), 10) printed heels pumps (39,99€), 11) teddy satiné (35,99€)

Listen to excerpts from the reissue (live & acoustic)

As you know, Monday 03 March release a new reissue of the album “Robin Hood – Never give up“.

Long you know what titles were added Live and those acoustic.
Today, I propose to’listen to extracts 30 second these pieces, why, click “LISTEN” on each title.

DISC 2 :
1. A world to change (version live) LISTEN
2. The day that dream (version live) LISTEN
3. A us (version live) LISTEN
4. I expected (version live) LISTEN
5. Let – we live (version live) LISTEN
6. A world to change (acoustic version) LISTEN
7. The arrow or the target (acoustic version) LISTEN

Double M Pokora dans Roberto “Rio 2″

Remember there a few weeks, M Pokora us on Instagram announced that he was making tests for dubbing a large cartoon planned for this year.

Then we do not know which movie it was but today, their Facebook du shops “New Stars Mag” announced that Matt will double a character from the animated film : RIO 2 (in theaters 09 April 2014).




For the time being, no confirmation from Matt or team, So info to be taken lightly but the magazine “New Stars Mag” seems to announce it as an affirmation (without revealing its source).

Will you see this cartoon ?

Synopsis Film :

Blu has taken off and now feels at home in Rio de Janeiro, alongside Perla and their three children. But life can not be learned parrot city and Perla insists that the family moved to the Amazon rainforest. While Blu trying to get used to its new neighbors, it is concerned Perla and much more receptive children calling the jungle.


EDIT : 26/02

Matt just confirm his participation in the movie :

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