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Pre-order the DVD of the show Robin Hood

Dès aujourd’hui vous pouvez Pre-order le DVD ou le Blu-ray du spectacleRobin Hood” !

Le spectacle musical de l’année enfin disponible en DVD ! Découvrez ou redécouvrez ce show exceptionnel où se mêlent chant, danse et acrobaties pendant près de 2h ! + un bonus inédit de 25 min environ : le making of du spectacle avec des interviews exclusives des membres de la troupe !

Article en pré-commande, Expected Delivery from 3 November 2014

Le DVD pour 17€99

Pré-commandez le DVD sur FNAC.COM

Le Blu-Ray pour 20€99

Pré-commandez le Blu-ray sur FNAC.COM

Contenu du DVD

1. Début du spectacle
2. The arrow or the target
3. Never give up
4. Nottinghill Nottingham
5. I said yes
6. It is just that
7. Earth
8. A world to change
9. Providence
10. I expected
11. Tes blessures
12. Let us live
13. Become someone
14. 15 ans à peine
15. A us
16. He knows who I am
17. A friend like you
18. Gloria
19. The day that dream
20. Final

TV 7 Days – “I want to find Dancing with the Stars”

Since 01 September, M Pokora made the cover of the program TV 7 Days an exclusive interview with the singer who trusts his role as a judge in season 5 of “Dancing with the stars”.

In July, a studio in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, we found M Pokora. On this day, he turns the trailer of Dancing with the Stars, season 5, avec Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Chris Marks and Jean Marc Genereux. He who brilliantly won the first season of the program 2011, becomes sworn. Class ! After ten months in the cast of the musical Robin Hood (800 000 spectators), Finally, the singer took over the reins of his solo career. More confident and more relaxed than ever…

Find subsequently through scans the entire article on our gallery :

Sidaction – “Kiss & Love”

A hundred artists including comedians, TV presenters, actors or singers are combined volunteer around Pascal Obispo for the single event that celebrates 20 years of Sidaction.

Le single “Kiss & Love” is available today for download legal. “A double album 20 unexpected and unusual duets original songs arranged by Brice Davoli for a symphony orchestra released on 03 November.” (Sidaction.org). All profits are donated to the.

Discover clip below :

Find captures M Pokora passages in the photo gallery :


Introducing the new formula

Hello all,

As you may have noticed recently the site was less updated.
I was very taken by my student life and now that the holidays are here, I take the time to write to you.

There are some days (weeks ?) I made the decision stop PokoraNews.com as I enter the workforce in September and I did not want to rush items.

BUT ! Turnaround ! Someone (which recognize) convinced me not to close the site. Indeed, PN means a lot to me and apparently many other people also. I spent a lot of time and energy to just leave like that while a busy year Matt arrives to !

The holiday are there to take time for yourself, rest and come back stronger. So I write this to mark a pause and introduce the new formula for PN which will start in late August (early September).

First of all, I love the last design that allows me to put in a (in the slide) the Facts of the moment (OÔRA, DALS, New clip…). That is why I chose to keep it but change a few colors !

The agenda also has a new layout ⇒ AGENDA

The site will be updated more that’once a week ! This allows me to combine the website and my professional life at the same time. All Sundays so you can find an item or items containing all the The most important information for the topicality M Pokora. A newsletter was put in place to warn you of the publication of these new items ! Do not hesitate to sign up ! ⇒ NEWSLETTER

You can also find the surprises and proprietary information !!! Stay tuned lots of new things will be announced after the holidays ;)

I wish you happy holidays and we found the end of August !

Updated the gallery

I added in the gallery the last shots Instagram, two photos taken during the photoshoot In Pursuit Of Happiness Las Vegas. I also put a dozen photos of the last performance of Robin Hood Orleans and finally I added the first photo officielle Matt Pokora as a judge in season 5 of Dancing With The Stars.

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