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CLIP : The song voluntary – The Enfoirés 2014

And here's the clip of the single 2014 of Bastards entitled “The song voluntary“.

In this song, M Pokora mean much for our greatest pleasure :)


The captures clip

New clip RDB : “I expected”

And here the nouveau clip the musical “Robin Hood” co-réalisé par Matt Pokora.

Clip “I expecteda été tourné au Palais Des Congrès le 10 November 2013 et vous pouvez le découvrir dès maintenant et autant de fois que vous le voudrez ci-dessous :

Je trouve que ce clip reflète bien la Sherwood Family, beaucoup d’amour et de cohésion !

And you, what do you think ?

EDIT 18h50 : Adding 114 captures dans la galerie photos du site !!! Enjoy !

There has in any 10 pages donc n’hésitez pas à tout regarder !

“A Nous” – The Clip & The Catch

This is the third extract from the musical “Robin Hood” > “A Nous“.
The version radio This single will be legally download from the 24 June.

Find fifty catches in HD our gallery :

What clip East wonderful, the sets are ideally suited to show (it was shot near Lisbon, at Portugal). The story starts slowly up, personally, the scene with Dumé, Caroline and Sacha gave me a sacred purpose ! There is a real cohesion between all the characters. I'm really excited to discover this show !!!

And you, what do you think of this clip ?

“Family” – Goldman generation

Here is the clip of the college artists “Goldman generation

And below captures :

Fly Me – Clip + Captures

Find captures clip in our gallery

What do you think of this video ? :)

If Your Pars (Clip + Captures)

Here the emotional clip “If Your Pars” !!!

Find 145 captures our gallery ! They are really beautiful !!! The clip is sublime !

You know Sandrine Heartburn (the talented photographer), and although she loves the clip and announces on his Facebook :

It prepares you for a beautiful surprise in image after the tour !!!!!!! And appointment at Bercy….

Clip “I Take back my Route”

The clip “I Take back my Route” Voices of Children is now available :

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The Association Voice of the Child and My Major Company Partner to the first musical project participatory solidarity, with :
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Single available on 24/09 s digital
Compilation Voices of Children, the output 19/11

Discover the site of the Association The Voice of the Child, sponsored by Carole Bouquet and Bruno Solo:

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