New clip from R.E.D. : Better Than Us

1 April 2015

The new clip of M Pokora, “Better than we” in featuring with rapper Soprano has just been published on the […]

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World – New single from R.E.D.

8 December 2014

This is the event on Monday 08 December ! M Pokora has unveiled his second single from the album “R.E.D.” […]

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Check out the new video of M Pokora & gt; On Danse

29 October 2014

It is finally HERE ! Clip “On Danse” is available from 10 am this morning ! You can […]

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Sidaction – “Kiss & Love”

1 September 2014

Une centaine d’artistes dont des humoristes, TV presenters, des acteurs ou des chanteurs ce sont réunis bénévolement autour de […]

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CLIP : The song voluntary – The Enfoirés 2014

15 February 2014

And here's the clip of the single 2014 des Enfoirés intitulé “The song voluntary“. In this song, on entend beaucoup […]

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New clip RDB : “I expected”

26 November 2013

And here's the new clip of the musical “Robin Hood” co-directed by Matt Pokora. Clip “I expected” has […]

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“A Nous” – The Clip & The Catch

11 June 2013

This is the third extract from the musical “Robin Hood” > “A Nous“. La version radio de ce single sera […]

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“Family” – Goldman generation

14 November 2012

Voici le clip de la collégiale des artistes de “Goldman generation“ Et ci-dessous les captures :

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Fly Me – Clip + Captures

12 November 2012

Retrouvez les captures du clip dans notre galerie Vous en pensez quoi de ce clip ?

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If Your Pars (Clip + Captures)

7 November 2012

Here the emotional clip “If Your Pars” !!! Find 145 captures dans notre galerie ! Elles sont vraiment très […]

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